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Acquiring perfect smiles and perfect teeth with easy financing
Friday, September 30th 2022, 2:50 PM

How to acquire perfect smiles and perfect teeth for the entire family - Comfort Care Dental, Balcatta, WA

Balcatta, Australia - September 30, 2022 / Comfort Care Dental /

Acquiring Perfect Smiles and Perfect Teeth with Easy Financing for the Entire Family  

“I'd like to see that perfect smile once again.”- sang Australian Blonde.

Perfect smiles and perfect teeth are precious assets to have. A radiant, sparkling smile from a stranger can uplift and brighten up the gloomiest day. Too often, though, other than the daily brushing and flossing, little attention is paid to the care of teeth. Maintaining the health of the oral cavity is necessary to keep the entire body healthy. Besides brushing, regular dental check-ups should also be a part of the oral health regimen. Comfort Care Dental provides quality dental care for the entire family in the Balcatta and Stirling areas. It is a family-owned and operated dental practice that has been around for half a century and is a well-known and trusted name. Their services consist of the following:-

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • General Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Dental Implants
  • Emergency Dentist
  • Orthodontist 

With a wide range of services from regular clean-ups and preventive care; to smile makeovers, root canals, dentures, fillings, dental implants, Invisalign, and everything in between - Comfort Care Dental offers quality dental care at affordable prices. They also have Emergency services for toothaches, chipped teeth, broken crowns, and abscesses. If you are looking for the services of a Dentist in Balcatta, here’s a team that takes pride in its work.  They are deeply passionate about providing quality care for all dental services in the Balcatta and Stirling areas. 

Easy Financing for Dental treatments 

‘Getting your teeth done ‘ has never been easier! And dental treatments are no longer cumbersome. Nor do they burn a hole in the pocket when your dentist is Comfort Care Dental. With flexible payment options, there is no financial stress on the client. Comfort Care Dental is the preferred provider for most major health funds like Medicare, HCF, and Medibank. Besides this, they also have tie-ups with payment plans like Afterpay, Humm, and Smile. Visiting the dentist is a stress-free exercise. Apart from these easy finance options, new patients can avail of the “Check Up & Clean“ offer at $245, which includes a check-up, cleaning, X-rays, and a comprehensive treatment plan.

Adding to the comfort of easy finance, the clinic is warm and friendly, with facilities like a play area for children, easy access to a pram, and a baby change area. Parking for the disabled and wheelchair access all around the clinic ensure that every patient is comfortable.

Why Comfort Care Dental?

Comfort Care Dental truly lives up to its name. Visiting a Dentist Balcatta is no longer a painful experience because as soon as you enter the premises, the relaxed and soothing atmosphere of the clinic calms down any anxiety a patient may be feeling. Every person on the highly trained and professional staff makes it a point to put the patient at ease and make them comfortable. And their state-of-the-art equipment and technology give outstanding results for cosmetic and routine procedures and give the patient confidence. Client satisfaction is the prime motivation for each Comfort Care dentist. They are constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills to ensure that the entire experience of visiting a dentist is pleasant and happy. 

Sharing accurate information about procedures and what to expect, planning a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan, and ensuring that the patient is comfortable with procedures, treatments, and budget are priorities for the Comfort Care Dental team. Acquire perfect teeth and beautiful smiles for the entire family with Comfort Care Dental. Call (08) 9349-0800 to book your appointment and avail yourself of the $249 “Check Up and Clean” offer at the earliest.

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